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Dent Repair / Smart Repair

Dents on the car body after an accident cause much heartburn! Dent repairs at Hope city Auto best Auto Repair in Dubai are a crucial step to get back in perfect shape after the accident. Our auto repair shops are equipped with the most advanced machinery & have the best-trained craftsmen specializing in bodywork. Our body repair experts also handle smart repairs for certain types of impact which is a technique best for small dents, door marks, etc.

Our dent fixing procedure is a comprehensive and structured process. It involves undoing the body panels, tail lamps, interior panels depending upon the extent of the damage. Because sometimes it is essential to reach under the dent. Using the modern technologies available to us we try to get a picture by revealing the shadows of the dent. Once located our technician comes in to perform his skills. With dextrous tool placement, our mechanical experts can correctly place tools to undo the denting depressions and smoothen them.

Sometimes advanced paintless dent fixing is preferred at other times it is better to go with traditional dent fixing. The best choice is made after careful study of the situation in hand.

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