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ECM – Engine Control Module

ECM is a key component that synchronizes things between your car engine and the overall driving experience. So ECM needs proper maintenance and in most cases, it can only be replaced. It’s just like your computer motherboard. It may be repaired, only if you are lucky enough to have such small damage. In most cases, it is better to replace than repair.

Engine Control Module ECM or ECU Engine control unit is responsible for providing fuel to the engine and controlling the quality of the car’s emissions. ECM is an expensive part of a car. The ECM uses a microprocessor and software to analyze and respond to the input values from an array of sensors. ECM is part of a larger system, with multiple modules to control the power steering to airbags. Any malfunction in the sensors & actuators will affect the ECM performance & the vehicle might not run properly.

Hope city Auto has state of the art diagnostic tools to find the problems and rectify it. We can repair the ECM itself, Reprogram or Recalibrate it and Flashing can also be done. Our electro-mechanical technicians are dexterous in identifying the minute problems and we have all the intricate tools to make repairs in the ECM. So your ECM issues are solved.

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