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Paint scratch Repair

A scratch needs no big crash. A swing a fraction second early on our steering wheel is enough. But a scratch is as painful for a car lover as a crushed bumper. The truth is smaller the damage more you remember and repent. And there is more. A scratch is like cancer on your car’s body. It begins with a few millimeters wide tiny mark and as time passes it progresses as the dangerous rust weakening and degrading your beautiful car. But things are changing now. There is much you can do.

A traditional car scratch repair would have been an expensive affair. Not anymore. The reason is that traditional approaches all focussed on bodywork replacement and they usually come in sets of expensive pairs. At Hope city Auto we use the finest technologies that let us work on the affected part alone. It requires no body replacement and when it comes to time we are super-efficient.

One of the things to watch out when blending colors is to match colors. Often, poor and outdated workshops do patchwork that is clearly visible. Such patch works only make your car look awkward and ugly. But with Hope city Auto – one of the best Car Paint Repair in Dubai you can be assured that even you would be left wondering “where the heck was the scratch anyway?”

Our smart technology uses specialist tools, materials, and paints to blend them in such a way that it merges into the surrounding panel. We deliver standard, cost-effective and fast repairs. Hope city Auto painting teams are fully qualified to handle any Car Painting in Dubai, big or small. We check out if your vehicle needs paint repair and re-spraying on several major parts, or just smart repairs. You can leave it to us with complete peace of mind. Our high-tech paint rooms ensure the paint is always perfectly applied and our premium paint mixing stations ensure perfectly matched color tones.

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