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Radiator & Cooling System Services

Not getting much coolness out of your air conditioner?

 Do you feel a lingering smoky smell inside your car?

 The problem could be with your radiator and cooling system.

The cooling system typically includes a radiator, cooling fan, water pump, thermostat, and high-temp hoses among other parts. As fluids flow throughout the engine block and head to other parts, these components show different symptoms in the wake of a breakdown.
Your vehicle’s cooling system maintains the engine temperature within its optimum range; ensuring that the engine gives the optimum performance. If it fails, the vehicle will face serious problems. Overheating can seriously damage critical components of your car and in extreme cases, it causes a complete engine seizure.

Hope city Auto auto technicians have the experience to recognize the signs of cooling system problems. If you notice any unusual variations on your cluster boards temperature gauges or smoke from the engine compartment; make sure to station your vehicle at a safe position and call us for a maintenance check. cooling system problems just bring over the vehicle to Hope city Auto & we will perform a Cooling System Maintenance check for you.

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