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In latest model vehicles (Toyota, Nissan, etc.), the ECM even controls the throttle with the TPS Throttle position sensor because there is no direct cable or linkage connection to the throttle. For the whole system to operate smoothly, reliable sensor inputs are an absolute necessity. And the thing with sensors like all car parts is that they also wear away with time. They can get dirty, slow and unresponsive.

Sensors in modern cars are like the eyes of the mechanic. The microprocessor in the modern systems depends on them entirely to give you accurate warnings on engine condition, transmission, brake fuel and much more.
Most of the key functions of a vehicle are like ignition timing, fuel delivery, emission controls, transmission shifting, cruise control, engine torque reduction (if the vehicle has ABS – anti lock brakes with traction control) and charging output of the alternator are monitored & managed by sensors.
Hope city Auto has experts & special diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the problems and we can replace the parts or repair it to rectify a problem. Our experts have always handled delicate cases ops sensor repairs and replacement. We have a wide accessory set with diverse utility to help you choose the right sensor module for your vehicle. So let’s make your car respond sensitively

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