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One has to look out for transmission complaints very carefully. If you hear a whining noise while shifting gears and it simply p[ersists in your travels with rev ups. And break down, you are in for major transmission trouble. Today we have both gearless i.e automatic transmissions and the old-school powerful manual transmissions.

Automatic transmissions change gears based on the driver’s gas pedal, shifting engine speed and vehicle load automatically. While driving, there is no need for the driver to operate a clutch pedal, as the car changes gears automatically. Repair of automatic transmissions is highly specialized, so it is recommended that any transmission issues should be diagnosed and managed by an expert technician.

Vehicles with manual transmissions require the use of a clutch pedal and gear shift, to manually shift gears based on the engine RPMs and speed of the vehicle. Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are the two main configurations for manual transmissions & they require less maintenance than automatic transmissions.

We at Hope city Auto, offer repairs and services on both manual and automatic modes. Our expert technicians can diagnose your transmission problems, and then recommend the service you need to ensure safety and to improve performance and extend the lifetime of your vehicle.

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