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Fuel & Temperature Gauge

There are three temperatures that a knowledgeable driver needs to consider: one is the temperature of water in the cooling system, of the lubricant oil and that of the outside air. Modern vehicles have moved from mechanical measuring instruments to thermistors to give accurate measurements and alerts. Hence, it is essential to keep them tip-top.

Most vehicles today face problems with Fuel & Temperature gauges. The fuel gauge is in the Dashboard and the Fuel level sensor unit is fixed in the fuel tank. There is a wiring harness also in between the two components. The temperature gauge also has a temperature sensor fitted on the engine. It is their smooth coordination that gives you all the relevant details to prevent substantial damage to your car.

At Hope city Auto, we are experts in handling all the electronic and electro-mechanical instrumentation repairs and works. If the Fuel & Temperature gauges are not working we can solve it by repairing the problems and replacing parts. In some extreme cases, there may be essential parts that require replacements. Our workshop is fully capable of meeting all your spare parts needs in fuel and temperature systems.
So pay a visit to the garage where our car enthusiasts are ready to work with you.

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