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Accidental Repairs

Get back your vehicle in a flawless shape! Our professionals are experts in quick, complete auto-body repair service that only ends when we deliver a perfect vehicle back to you. After doing detailed cost estimates and getting it approved with your insurance company, we handle everything from dent removal to refinishing. Our car body shops are also qualified to take care of any kind of crash repair approved by the insurer, including structural and non-structural repairs, chassis corrections etc. We also provide services for cosmetic repairs, electromechanical repairs and tires maintenances.

Using state of the art technology and techniques, our team of highly skilled and qualified technicians will get you back into the driver’s seat with maximum confidence. Our dedicated customer service team will take care of you and keep you updated on your vehicle’s progress throughout and ensure you’re completely satisfied.

We aim to restore your car to pre-accident condition. Our bodywork repair centre is trusted and approved by major insurance companies and authorized by several MNC franchises for associating with the right products.The main accident repair services are:


  • Body Repair
  • Dent Repair / Smart Repair
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Paint Scratch Repair
  • Tire Installation
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Glass Replacement
  • Towing Service

Body Repair

A car suffers much car body damage when involved in an accident. If your vehicle was stationary or moving at a low speed during the accident there are chances that we’ll be able to repair its bodywork. Our technicians can repair most metalwork or plastic parts on your vehicle as long as the damage hasn’t affected the vehicle mechanically or destroyed the chassis or framework.

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Dent Repair / Smart Repair

Dents on the car body after an accident cause much heartburn! Dent repairs at Hope city Auto are a crucial step to get back a perfect shape after the accident. Our auto repair shops are equipped with the most advanced machinery & have the best trained craftsmen specializing in body work. Our body repair experts also handles smart repairs for certain types of impact which is a technique best for small dents, door marks etc.

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Before going on the road, vehicle diagnosis has to be conducted to know on the road worthiness. Our full-fledged bodyshop is equipped with the right scan tools to meet all manufacturers’ standards and quality controls to provide you with a reliable car diagnosis for a complete peace of mind.

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Paint Scratch Repair

Hope city Auto painting teams are fully qualified to handle any car paint job, big or small. We check out if your vehicle needs paint repair and re-spraying on several major parts, or just smart repairs. You can leave it to us with complete peace of mind. Our high-tech paint rooms ensures the paint is always perfectly applied and our premium paint mixing stations ensures perfectly matched color tones.

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Tire Installation

Often after being in an accident, Tires of the vehicle need to be changed or re-installed. At Hope city Auto, everything is handled on the spot. Tire maintenance service such as tires replacement, balancing, alignment and nitrogen filling is also available.

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Wheel Alignment

Our expert technicians can assist you from having the luxury of driving hands free on a straight line giving the right service. Our Auto garage offers wheel alignment services year-round

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Glass Replacement

A powerful impact from an accident to a small stone chip can cause damage to the windshield and windows. Hope city Auto has the expertise required to install all glass parts with impeccable results.

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Towing Service

Hope city Auto has a free 24-hour towing service always standing by, ready to get you and your vehicle off the road and where you need to be.

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